I really want a heritage cherry LP but I don't have anywhere near 1500 bucks so I was thinking about buying the body and neck, throwing in some Alnico II Pro Humbuckers, and some new strings. Does anybody know a site/place you can get stuff like Gibson bodies or necks. I've been checking ebay religiously but theres only one on there and its getting out of my price range fast. Also, how much does putting in pickups and rewiring cost if you give it to a specialist to do it?? Any suggestions?
you won't find gibson bodies unless they've been damaged. MOST gibsons have set necks or neck-thru guitars. So maybe buy a used gibson? I'm not sure how much replacing pups and electronics cost.but you could do it yourself, it honestly isn't hard..unless you don't trust yourself, and don't want to waste time, in which case, take it to a shop.

you're in a tough spot bro. i want a gibson too, just can't afford it D:

EDIT: If you're not set on a gibson logo, check out the upper-class epiphones. make sure you play the one you want first, then perhaps replace some hardware and elecronics and you're in good shape. they're made out of the same wood. Same quality? no, most likely not. Play as good as gibson? no probably not..a fraction of the cost? yes. Worth it? thats your decision.
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I'm in the same boat, except I'm looking for a complete junk Gibson. That is what's really hard to find on eBay, seems even the junkers bring tons of money and I can't figure out why.
warmoth is actually a great site. You can buy bodies of really nice wood and necks and assemble them yourself with near gibson quality of woods for cheaper...but you'll also have to install the pickups and wiring, and the pickup rings.

Check out their showcase section, find the body type you want and get an already finished one. They have a really nicer selection. Especially for someone like me who would suck at painting a guitar himself :P

you could also check out carvin, which has some gibson'esq guitars. You could get a carved top for about a grand... not a whole lot cheaper but nice high quality stuff
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I'm in the same boat, except I'm looking for a complete junk Gibson. That is what's really hard to find on eBay, seems even the junkers bring tons of money and I can't figure out why.

Ever thought of that the ''Gibson'' logo is worth like...1000? xD
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^^Your not going to get a decent guitar body and neck for 80 bucks. A mahogany body blank costs that much. Most of us dont want to lay out the cash for a gibson. Being a lefty the cheapest Gibson LP I can get is 2500. But even damaged gibson is still worth serious cash. The name "gibson" makes it expensive. Warmoth is a really good option wont be a set neck but they do make nice guitars. If you want it to say gibson then your going to have to pay as the one guy says "gibson" adds 1000 to the price. A carvin LP is gonna be 1200 for the basic one. But places like gibson dont like to sell bodies and necks to many con artists out there anymore. And to many people trying to sidestep paying gibson retail.
Yeah, but honestly I know that everyone wants to get their hands on a Gibson, and they'll pay whatever it takes to get that abused one for the story it has.
I'm talking real trashed up, better-for-firewood guitar is what I'm looking for.
For example, check out this LP:
I hate it. But if the price is right, I'll take it.
I have a question about Warmoths bodies and necks. Can you set the neck in instead of bolting it on? I wouldn't mind buying an SG only if I could set the neck in.
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No warmoth stuff is only bolt on. You could glue it in but it would still have the neck heel of a bolt on. And of course taking it off would be a problem. The contoured heel works pretty well, and if you dont have the holes drilled for the neck plate you can put the the recessed ferrules in. That is one butchered guitar on ebay, it may be a gibson but its still junk.