ok seriously I can't play these. I watched a video lesson where the prson was using their thumb, but I use my first finger cause it's so much easier. But no matter what I do, they're not loud. They sound little bitty. do I have to turn my volume up and use lottsa distortion or am I doing it wrong?
yeah its how you pick the string
you have to choke up on the pick and pick the string with the pick and then since your thumb is behind it your thumb hits the string also and it causes an artificial harmonic alos known as the pinch harmonic
they sound the best when your pickup selector is on your bridge pickup and it takes some time to get it right but practice makes perfect
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You absolutely need lots of distortion and gain to get a REALY good one. Make sure your using your bridge pickup. "Shake" the note to get it to come out more pronounced. Also, you should try different locations with your picking hand, along the string. There are several "sweet spots" you can find. Other than that, they just kind of come naturaly after a while, its a hard thing to "practice" realy.
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You absolutely need lots of distortion and gain to get a REALY good one.

Me and Billy Gibbons disagree.

For the purposes of practicing the best thing is to just find a sweet spot and hammer away at that until you have the technique down then mess around and find other sweet spots.

This should help you find some of the good places to practice if you're up for a bit of brain work: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=5j2AxGGmT-g&feature=related
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If you're holding the pick the traditional way the way I do it is use the side of my thumb around adjacent to the fingernail/knuckle area. I quickly pick of the string, almost flicking my wrist so my skin makes contact and my hand pulls away fast. I also strike the string with the pick at a slight angle, not flat on like you would normally do. It took me a while to figure out (I would practice when my hands were tired from doing chords) but once you get the trick you'll do them all day long. If you have a whammy bar you can make the horsie sound, hit the harmonic, bend and then shake the bar a few times lowering pitch a bit each time. It takes a bit to get that rhythm down as well.

Also don't forget you can get different sounds (or none at all) depending where you are picking. So try a few different areas. G-string 2nd fret is the easiest for me.
I have no trouble doing them on my acoustic. I pinch the string with my thumb and pick and do an up stroke instead of a down. Just pick at different spots on the strings and stop at the loudest squeal you hear.