I don't think this has been done before, but if it has, ill be glad to take it down. Anyways, no words, only pics (with words in them so at least you can get a point across). Now, I think that Bullet For My Valentine isn't emo, anyone have anything to post about that?

EDIT: This thread will be full of "lol wut" pears and icanhazcheezburger pics.
Sounds gurd!!
*pic removed because this will turn to spam thread*
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
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I met this chick I really liked and wanted to practice sex, so I practiced on some guy I met at a gas station...
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That's filled with pictures of UGers. Then there's the hot chicks threa with pictures, google image thread, demotivational thread, mindf*ck thread, you laugh/cry you lose threads etc. with pictures being the main focus.

And to stay on topic you won't see what I've just written here because it's a pic ONLY thread

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It's caught me in its spotlight
Dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot summer night

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