Okay, I've had audacity for awhile and haven't had any problems with it, but now when I turn my computers master volume down, the mic intake volume goes down, and when I turn it all the way up, it still doesn't record, for some reason I can't get the micerphone intake to stay at a level that can actualy be heard. Anyone know what the problem is?
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are you sure you mic is plugged into a mic jack and not like a line in?
maby that's the problem, i'm not sure though
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It's plugged into the right jack, so thats not the problem
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


Is microphone boost enabled? It's in the sound settings when you select properties.
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I've tried that, I've messed around with all of the volume controlls and everything, but nothings helped so far. The mic input volume is at the max when I open up audacity, but soon as I hit record, it automaticly goes down to 0, and when I try to raise it back up, my volume goes all the way up, and soon as I let go of the cursor, the mic input goes right back to 0. Anyone know what the problem is? This is getting realy agrivating...

Edit: I figured out how to get the volume and mic inputs to stay where I want them, for some reason when I adjust the mic input, it has to be EXACTLY on a number, not in between them, or it jumps back to where it was, and also it wont let me go from 0 straight to 10.

Anyone know if thats normal?
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


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yeah that's pretty normal. your mic is probably picking stuff up, try taking the whole arm and go to the Effect tab and go to the Amplify thing and amplify it as many db's you can. if you see waves, then say something. if you keep doing it and nothing shows, say something.
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