My name's Tom (just for purposes of easy communication) and I play guitar and sing. I've been playing guitar for six years and can play varying genres. The bands i've been in (genre-wise) are Rockabilly, Punk, Metal, Powerpop and Classic Rock. I'd prefer something a little pop just becasue it's a bit easier to sing to and play. I own seven guitars of my own, i'm rebuilding one from scratch at this point. I play though a cab me and a friend personally built, it has Four Fender Twin speakers circa 1960's. The "head" i use is the Vox Valvetronix 50 watt, it has an 8 ohm output and has worked well for the past year. I sing in varsity choir at my high school. I'm a bari-tenor, in my case, i have all of the range of a baritone, and a considerable ammount of the tenor range. I'm very confident of my singing, and can especially hold my own with a guitar. I also scream though, but I am a low screamer, i'd prefer not screaming alot. I have my own Pa. It's a Phonic Powerpod 300 watt. I can read music, I play bass guitar in Concert Band at my school, Battery Percussion for the marching band, and i used to play saxophone in concert band as well. I'm not a fully classical-oriented person. I'm especially into Punk and Metal. I've been writing more pop stuff just becasue of friend's influence. But regardless of what style you're looking for, contact me and hopefully we can work something out. Thank you In Advance

Fender Standard Telecaster
Epiphone Les Paul Classic Plus Gold top
Ibanez RDGR bass
Kramer Focus111s
Glass slide