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After hearing an amazing live version of this song (from "The Dance" live album) I was just in a shock.
I mean, WOW!

Do you know any songs (live versions also count) where the guitar player does such amazing work and the song is played with only one guitar?

I know of Depeche Mode's "Here Is The House" played live by Martin L. Gore in 1990. It was also nice, but a lot slower.
is legend.. wait for it..
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Lindsey Buckingham is his name, hes amazing, he finger picks on electric, making him sick electric too, listen too "I'm So Afraid", its a bit long but great solo, also live, and "Go Insane" its similar to the live big love version. There all live by fleetwood mac, with Lindsey Buckingham on guitar, and singing too, and i think all or some of them are recorded at the same concert, there all from 1997.