Anybody try these amps? I played a small bass amp and it sounded sweet. I need to save up for an amp or something, although I never use an amp for some reason.
Ashdown bass amps have a fantastic rep.

Are you looking for a guitar or bass amp though?
I was never too impressed with Ashdown bass amps, the tone was just too spongy and lacking in bite for my taste.

The guitar amps (that have now been farmed out to a subsidiary company called "Hayden") are pretty good though, if you can still find one of the fallen angel series (Hayden calls them Peacemakers I believe) I'd recommend that you pick one up; pretty good vintage type tone on their own and I've been told that with a decent EQ pedal they can do modern tones pretty well.
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Yeah I might try out a Hayden. I don't know why, I just never really got into amps much, but I'm thinking I'll need one. All I have is a small Crate bass amp. Gets the job done but still.