Hey i'm looking to buy a new guitar and my friend suggested a Hagstrom. I've never heard of them but apparently (according to him) they're amazing. I'm going to go down to the shop today and try them out but before I do I just need some of your opinions about Hagstroms. I'm looking for an Indie rock sound so i'm not sure if a Hagstrom would be the right fit for me because my friend plays mostly Led Zeppelin and ACDC type music. Anyway if you know about them or own one it'd be awesome if you could just post what you think about them and if they would be a right fit for me. Thanks

personally, i dont like the looks. but they say it sounds nice.
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I've got 'em, they're awesome.
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They don't look so indie though. But then again, I know little about indie.

EDIT: They do look good though.
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They were quite a big company many years ago! Swedish I think. Anyway a good rep. The Music Centre here carries the new line and they're pretty handsome guitars but i think the Company had died a few years back and this is a new one with the old name. What kind of prices are you atlking about? Here in Alberta, Les Paul based solid bodies from hagstrom appear to be in the 500-700 range.
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I fell in love with a Hagstrom Ultra Swede the first time I played it. I tested it with a Peavey Valveking 112. Overpriced at the shop I tried it at (799.99, seen it cheaper before).
Good looks, slim and fast neck, coil tapped, awesome.
I have a Hagstrom Ultra Swede. It is a very nicely weighted guitar with a slim, somewhat wide neck, with a very fast smooth fretboard. The pickups are very versatile, esp. with the coil tapping. I love this guitar. Mine is quilted maple. hard to find.
Also, it's nice to have a guitar that is not seen all the time. Generates LOTS of interest and discussion. Everyone wants to try it out. When they do, they sheepishly ask me how much it cost - expecting me to say $2,000.00 +++.
The guitar Dweezil has on the home page looks pretty nice. Probably not best for indie. I would say Mustang or Jaguar for indie rock or some obscure pawn shop guitar.
I have an Ultra-Lux XL2 and I LOVE it! It's so fast, and I love the looks of it, too. It also sounds great no matter whether you're playing metal, classic rock, acoustic-style, or (God forbid)...even country.
Well, The Hush Sound use them. Action Action use them. Panic! use them, and some of their songs are very indie-esque. The dude from the Secret Machines used them. They are definitely suited for indie.
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Amount all of them I only can find myself to like the Select Ultra Swede because it has mahogany body and does not feature the fat les paul shape.
Their quality is awesome.

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the older ones are better. the new ones i think are made in korea. regardless it's a damn good guitar. i picked up a d2h for about 140 on ebay due to a "blemish" in the finish which i have yet to come across. unless the blemish was that they painted it blue. i'll be refinishing it one day. i've had lots of hagstroms in the past. some of the fastest necks i've played were hags.
The new ones are made in China but don't let that scare you. Atleast for the Swedes and Super Swedes. I have a 1971 Swede and compared it to the new ones. They are bang on for tone, action and hardware. The only uncertainty is going to be the longevity of it but every one I have talked to that has the newer ones has nothing but good to say about them. The swede has a tone switch that allows you to boost the treble or bass and the super swede has a different scale neck and a coil split switch.
Try one of those out as the have the most versatilty in tonal options and see how you like it.
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Hagstroms are pretty high quality instruments IMO
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I have a Select Swede, and can say they are quite good, though there are a couple things I don't like. Construction to a extent, they used cheap screws, and they have to have the biggest neck where it joins the body I have ever seen. Bit tough to get use to, and small hands will have a problem.

Mine is a blue chip model, and I can say if you keep a eye on e-bay, and find a Select for under 500, it's a steal. Very good guitar for the price.

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Select Swede
I have a Hagstrom Swede that i bought for 450 at a custom store.

I honestly cannot tell you how it compares to other guitars, but compared to the ones my friends play it slays them.

This is a high quality guitar and worth the money.
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They don't look so indie though. But then again, I know little about indie.

EDIT: They do look good though.

indie is not worth knowing about. its for lazy drug taking long haired twats who deperately want to be musicians but are too busy trying to be trendy to get any good at writing music