hey guys im looking to buy a new guitar
around 500 bucks and i went down to my local
music store and im not sure weather what he told me
was true or bull****
any way i was looking in to getting a Mexican stratt
and the guy was telling me strats aren't as good as they used
to be becouse the original guy split off and went on to
making L&G
and he was showing me this 500 buck legacy guitar from Korea
that felt and played pretty nice
but what i want to no is a couple of things
1. what would be better a korean L&G or a mexican strat
2. what makes a good guitar good? im looking for a general answer
the best guitar IN THE WORLD is the one that FEELS the best when you play it(i did not mean anything sexual by that!). it should fell smooth and comfortable. it shold be easy to reach all frets. that about sums up a good guitar. oh, and make sure you try AS MANY GUITAR STYLES AS POSSIBLE! ex: les paul, strat, sg, etc., etc.,
A good guitar is something you find appealing, as in how it feels when you play it, the sound, the looks. Don't get a guitar STRICTLY for the sound, and NEVER for the looks. It's got to have a playability thats comfortable for you.
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yall he was asking for advice not a lecture.

i've noticed that most korean made guitars are cheaply put together, but if you play one and are about to buy try to get some info on the wiring.
well i like starts but what are the differences between a g&l and a stratt
(mexcan and korean of course im not rich =P)
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If you're looking at the G&L that looks like a strat...probably it's pretty nice. It depends on what exact model (Specs?) you're looking at for each. They all have a million options, so, yeah. Leo Fender is dead, so I don't think he's telling anyone what to do anymore (Unless there's a guitar company in the sky?).
What music do you play?
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i play mostly punk rock 90's music
deff will play some 80s
jimmy hendrex is my man
God damn why can't anyone spell Jimi Hendrix's name correctly on this site?? I mean it's a freakin guitar playing site for crying out loud. This is like the fourth time I've seen it butchered tonight. Come ON.
I think if you don't know what kind of guitar you want then you shouldn't get one.
JIMI. HENDRIX. ****ing hell, learn to spell him if you apparently preach him.

Anyway, G&L are meant to be pretty good, apart from their butt-ugly headstocks.
i just said hes good sorry for spelling his name wrong i dont worship him.....