Here's my Hard Rock song that I've been working on that has a basic 12 bar blues shuffle feel to it. It's a song heavily influence by the Kiss song Watchin You.

C4C applies
This kind of thing never really translates well to GP, as it's basically the same as any other blues shuffle song we've seen.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but with a song like this, it's going to be the vocals/lyrics that make it a spectacular success or a miserable failure. It'd help if you at least had the vocal melody as a part of the song just to give an idea of what you're shooting for.

Making actual use of having two guitars would be cool too. You ever watched those jams with Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Jimmy Vaughan, John Mayer, and whoever else? There are like 5-8 guitars on stage, and each guy is doing something different. That kind of thing would certainly make it a little more interesting.

As for the solo, it's not really bad. But I personally didn't care much for it. To me the song sounds like Blues first, and Hard Rock second, so when it comes to a solo, I would think something with a little more phrasing and a little less scale runs would really benefit the song a lot. All your ideas seem to kind of start on the one of each bar, everything just seems kinda straight to me.

Anyway, you've got the foundation of what could be a great song, but a little variation would go a long way. Nothing drastic, and nothing that would change the overall style/sound of the song, just small little alterations to keep it interesting.
I agree with every thing that icronic said. this really isn't anything new as is, so it needs some variation. I think this would go over much better if you attempted to bring the normal blues shuffle and mash it with some other genre of music. it'd surprise us, ya know?

solo was okay IMO, but like icronic said I imagined it with a bit more phrasing.

all that aside, I did like this and it was a nice listen. congrats.
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mmmm its just like anything 12bar bluesy, its all been done before.
it kinda lacks momentum, which lyrics might just be able to give.
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