I play mostly punk rock and have a marshallMG100DFX and i was thinking of getting a peavey valveking but i can't decide on the 50w or 100w, i heard 100wSS amp sounds as loud as a 30wtube and i want an amp just as loud or maybe a little louder, would the 50w tube do the job, other than that does anyone have any better suggestions for a tube amp, price range under $800.
The 50 Watt would definately do the job
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A Class A 30-Watt tube amplifier is louder than 100 watts SS.

50 watts is plenty loud. Maybe too loud. But definitely good loud.
Oh wow, there are lots of better amps in that price range than a Valveking. It depends on what type of tone you like (i know you said you play punk, but i'm not sure that I personally know what amps fit that well). Traynor is worth a look. The YCV50BLUE would be good if you like a marshally sound, or YCV40WR if you lean more american sound. The Peavey Classic 30 or 50 is worth a look, too, although I don't know if it's modern enough.
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