Ive got an RGT42FX, Neck Thru, String Through body solid one piece mohogany, H-H config. Im curious if the X2N would be good for my guitar's wood. I know for a fact a black and white X2N would be extremely aesthetically pleasing seeing as how my guitars got the complimenting white trim on the fretboard and headstock.
They're really really hot pickups, which are great if you have good control over the instrument because pickups that hot will pick up everything, even the little inconsistencies in your playing like failure to mute strings very well and stuff like that. They are also louder than some pickups, but some people like that about them. They are too trebly and unbalanced for my liking.
I prefer the D-Sonic over the X2N

I think theyre to trebly and got to much output
The D-Sonic got much tighter Bass
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