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9 60%
6 40%
Voters: 15.
Four days, points, guys and gals.

Wreck-less Abandon

You notice me from across the room
and I'm filled with wonder.
You nod with approval
and I'm caught off guard.

Moving closer, I admire your style
dressed in words tightly woven
skillfully selected
perfectly poised

I drink you in
but I can’t exhale.
You’re laced too tight,Break out, tonight.
Take a chance with me
excuses are flimsy
Dance with me
to the tune of whimsy

Return tomorrow to
reason without rhyme
But this is our moment
departure, sublime

Let down your hair
and off with those shoes
for a minute, an hour
I’ll lead, you chose

on first glance stops and stares,
steadies, stares over shoulder,

blows o-rings from the cigarette
that's dangling from her

red lips,

blows o-rings that centre on her

with a hint of bust showing
as her top drops;

Romance fills the air
with that smile of hers,

sends a playful wink and


as the two slip together like


then wake up,

next to each other.
For me it was "red" hands down.

I loved the choice of words throughout ("words tightly woven" and the way you rhymed "rhyme" with "sublime" were my favorites) and the way the story was told. It was so simplistic but very interesting at the same time. I also loved the alliteration in S2 L3 and S2 L4, I don't know if that was done on purpose (altough it probably was ) but it was very pleasant either way.

Both were very good but, as I said, it's "red" for me.
Big dawgs come to play. Woof woof!

um, as for the actual contest. Red was stiff, unforgiving and dehumanizing, though the "You’re laced too tight/Break out, tonight." couplet was great.

Purple was plagued with linebreaks that hurt the flow more than helped it but depicted people in a light that was much more fitting and satisfying.

In other words, one was dealing with words describing people and the other was dealing with people described by words. Purple.
To be honest, I didn't particularly care for either. The stops in purple were definitely a preoblem, and it seemed short, so I'm giving this one to red. Anyone notice the fact that the font changes? Kinda wierd.
Very nicely set up 1v1 guys. This is how they all should be.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
good match, Jamie.
fwiw, there was one vote i was really hoping for with this one, but you got it instead.
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