So I bought a wah wah pedal a few months back. A Cry Baby Model GCB-95. I fell in love with it right away when I first tried it in the music store. For a while it worked perfectly, but recently something seems wrong with it and I don't know what it is. I prefer playing with full distortion (gain, bass and treble etc at max), but now whenever I use the wah peddle and switch from normal to wah mode (or the other way around, doesn't matter) the wah peddle seems to kill the distortion. While the gain, bass and treble and all are still on max on my amp, it turns the tone into something like a dirty blues sounding Stevie Ray Vaughan tone. Clean with a slight edge of distortion. A cool sound, but it's really annoying when this happens when I don't want it to.

I went back to the store with it, and of course when I was there, all of a sudden it worked perfectly again. I tried changing batteries, using diff cables, but it doensn't make a difference. It's not the amp either, at home I have a Marshall 50watt and a Roland cube 15 watt amp. It has this problem with both of the amps. And same goes for all the amps that are in the practicing area that I use when I jam with my band. So it's gotta be the wah peddle that is the problem. Does anyone else have this problem? Or does anyone know what to do about it?
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Sounds like it's your guitar as it's the only part of the chain you haven't changed out yet.
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Well, is your Marshall an MG? I thought pedals don't work particularly well with the MGs, and I KNOW that the Cubes have problems with pedals as they are modelling amps.
A guitar can most certainly change distortion! If the guitar's output drops off there will be less signal to feed any device after. That's why you can roll back your guitars volume knob and clean up a dirty signal. It kinda sounds like that's whats happening here!
The question here is, does your guitar sound good when plugged directly into your amp with no Wah Wah pedal in line? (Something you neglected to mention above I think!)
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Yea I should have mentioned it's not the guitar either, on all my 3 guitars it's the same story. When plugged directly into the amp there's no problem at all. Only when I use the wah pedals

And yes RSX it's an MG. I guess that must be the problem then. And now that I think of it, I recall the same sort of problem with my Digitech RP250 pedal as well. It just didn't happen as often as it does with the Cry Baby. So you could be right.

So I guess I should buy a new amp then? =P