i got my guitar about 2 years ago now, it's not the flashiest guitar, but for the price it was pretty exceptional, it's a yamaha pacifica 112j
anyway my playings improved lots since i got it and i'd like to try using a whammy bar for divebombs and other tricks
the only problem my guitar hasn't got one at the moment, but it does have a hole by the bridge where it would go, also all the pictures i've seen online of my guitar have the bar in place so is it possible that the shop just took the bar itself out before selling and left all the mechanisms inside?
i've never modded a guitar in any way before (other than basic bridge intonation stuff) so any help would be apreciated
yeah you can buy them, they're usually a standard size, all should fit.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
You don't need to modify anything - you just need to get a bar and screw it in!
Just buy another bar off Yamaha. Won't set you back much, a tenner at most.

yeah you can buy them, they're usually a standard size, all should fit.

Nuh-uh. There's significant variation between some of them.
You're probably aware of this already, but just to make sure...
You do know that bridge's like that are more for vibrato than they are for major pitch shifts.

Being rather tremolo bar savvy myself, I've tried doing all the bar tricks I know on various strats just for kicks, tricks that certainly aren't meant for the common strat style bridge. Can only pull up a quarter step give or take.. and dives not much either. Divebombs will kill your tuning in a second and forget about flutters.

But dont be discouraged, a trem bar is certainly better than none and I think you'll be much happier with it.
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