OK, here's the deal:

Lately I bought a sweet Fender Squier JV from 1983. The tone of this thing is amazing, it works really well with my amp and pedals, but there's a catch. It has vintage-style pickups which have pretty low output, and they simply can't push my Big Muff Pi as hard as my Jackson JS20 did (the Jackson has a humbucker).

I don't want to get rid of original pickups because their tone is good, I just want to get more gain from the pedal. I was thinking about a clean boost pedal like MXR Micro Amp.
Would such pedal, placed before my distortion pedals in the pedal chain, gimme more gain simply boosting signal from pickups?

BTW I'd prefer to have more gain WITHOUT more volume, I play only at home, and my playing is clearly hearable in whole block of flats already
clean booster would work. adding another OD or distortion pedal would accomplish your goal too.
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MXR 10 band would work as well.. and you have the option to lower the volume output..

why didn't i think of that? you win.
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clean booster would work. adding another OD or distortion pedal would accomplish your goal too.

I have another distortion pedal (namely DS-2) and I often mix it with Big Muff Pi for Frusciantesque solos. Then the amount of gain is OK. What I want is to get more gain from the Big Muff alone, to achieve distortion like Smashing Pumpkins, or solos by Gilmour (he uses EMG single pickups so they have more output than mine)
clean booster (at least any i've tried) raise the volume and the gain... maybe an overdrive might be better? not certain, though, i've never used pedals to boost other pedals...
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a danelectro fish and chips can do the same as a mxr ten band with 3 less bands and 80 less dollars.