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I know there are some insane albums showing off slowhand's live blues prowess. Anybody got any suggestions what i should look for?
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461 ocean boulevard (second disc) and e.c. was here
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If your into acoustic type stuff go for Unplugged. And another album i discovered recently was Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert. Its on itunes and it has layla, little wing and a bunch of bluesy songs you might like.
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There's an Eric Clapton compilation CD called "Blues." One disc is all studio stuff, and the other is all live stuff. It's a great buy.
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Quote by TNfootballfan62
There's an Eric Clapton compilation CD called "Blues." One disc is all studio stuff, and the other is all live stuff. It's a great buy.

I second that. The live disc is particularly awesome.
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I think the best live stuff from clapton are Live Cream (both volumes)

Sweet Wine is over 15 minutes of non stop Cream-Jam!
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Quote by riffmasterjosh
e.c. was here

I have that on vinyl.. I LOVE that album.
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Unplugged is really good for his acoustic stuff, and then there is like stacks and stacks of electric blues.
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'just one night' (live at budokan) is pretty good.
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Me & Mr Johnson and Riding with the King are my two favorite 'blues' albums by Mr EC. The two Crossroads Guitar Festival DVDs are full of great blues stuff as well.
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try Derek and the Dominos "Live at the Fillmore" it has some great jams from his Cream and Blind Faith days, also theres a 20 minute version of Let It Rain!