Ah, yes, swing. Kinda makes you want to get up and start dancin, no?

I don't listen to that much, but man, Count Basie swings haaard. I don't think anyone can swing harder.

Any swing love?
I enjoyed playing Basie in Jazz band at school, the right Swing is an orgasm IMO.
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i think nebarskan is a cool guy, eh wears a nile and doesnt afraid of anything

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Aren't you proud to wear that Nile? You don't afraid of anything man!

I love how most of Basie's material were head arrangements that his band just improvised over.
Anything that swings is good in my book, ellington, basie, Doc Severnson, Sinatra (Sinatra's arrangements were pure gold).

Even Michael Buble today has a great band!
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To infringe some copyright, it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.
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[22:08:23] <Confusius> I wish I was a bassist
[22:08:26] <Confusius> you fuckers look cool

Want to know how to play bass in jazz? Read this.
Oh, there's a recording you guys have got to hear, funniest thing i've ever heard.

I will edit it in to this post when i get it :/
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i been listening to allot of charlie parker recently, man he is amazing. I also benn learnig a couple oh heads by him

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^Charlie Parker was Bop, which is also amazingly good. Just a specificity error (error in specificity?)

Oh well, much love.

I love the way Swing incorporates vocalists into the fray. It adds a whole different depth to the mix.