Heres my latest attempt - theres no solo im afraid (im a bassist ) LOL

Please can you tell me how to make this piece better, i hope to record it soon

feel free to make any adjustments you deem nessersary

otherwise just let me know!

Cheers, and thanks again
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hmmm its quite good actually, very catchy :-) although its pretty ironic that you're a bassist (like me ) and you haven't given it a bass line xD

9/10, 1 point off for no solo =)
well, it's pretty cool. that one riff got kinda old though. I can understand though. it'll sound a lot better with vocals.

chorus seemed to lose a lot of energy that the song had. still a very good chorus though.

presolo is a nice riff. I can imagine a pretty good solo in there too

once again, the chorus is missing something. seems lacking to me at least.

overall, it was a pretty good song. I liked it. some stuff dragged out a bit but vocals should fix this problem.

could you crit one of the top songs in my sig?
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ok song, quite repetetive, and the presolo riff is too long imo, also it sounds like something a\ive heard before. but nice effort
you should write that solo right away, that pre-solo riff/ build up was epic. you should also start the solo on bar 81
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anyone want to help out on the solo? :P lol
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I thought it was pretty cool, before the pre-chorus kicked in I was starting to think that you had run out of Ideas, though. I had a very kind of 'poppy' element to it, and the octaves in the intro had a kind of funky feel to it. I thought that the pre-solo was drawn out a bit too far, and if you cut it down it would be much more enjoyable. When the main riff returned in the outro that had a pretty cool effect to it.

BTW, I could help you out with the solo

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*cough* pre solo is from "Four Words to Choke Upon"*uncough*

oh well.

i didn't finish the song :\ it got really repetitive, almost all of its variations of itself.

i guess vocals would fix that though..

i'd give it a 6/10. mostly because of the repetitiveness and genericness.