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14 38%
23 62%
Voters: 37.
Which of the two shows do you prefer? I like Futurama more personally, but I remember having this argument with someone ages ago and wanted to get the pit's opinions.
P.S sorry if this has been done before, I checked and oculdn't find anything.
Old Simpsons were pretty good, new ones are piss-poor. Futurama was hilarious for a bit but then it turned into "Oh dear, Leela doesn't love Fry, what a shame". If I were to turn on a random episode of each though, I'd probably watch Futurama.
Futurama definately
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Family Guy
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The Simpsons season 3,4,5 are truly unbeatable. Futurama in my opinion sucks
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Family Guy

simpsons by far
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