Just today I received my Behringer V-ampire LX1200H Head Amp. I took it out of the box, plugged it into the wall, plugged the foot pedal in, plugged my guitar in, and then plugged a cord in the speaker out (Left/Mono) and then to a Kustom 15" PA Speaker. No sound at all. I tried many combinations, including going through a mixer. Finally, I plugged the cord into the unbalanced analog out, where it works on either the Left or Right plug, but even then, the sound was not very loud at all. I can hear it, but it is not near loud enough, and even the quality doesn't seem to sound as good. Is my amp already broken, or am I doing something wrong?
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am I doing something wrong?

Well, you bought a behringer guitar amp (which I'll admit I have done myself). That's the first problem.

Is the impedence lined up? Half (one channel) of 120w (peak with behringer, not rms) is 60 peak or around 30w rms, and if your sending what should be 30w at 4ohms into an 8 ohm cabinet you'll get more like 15, so that might be why it is very quiet. Also, I've heard fiddling with the speaker simulator settings, is important for getting any volume out of a behringer.
i have the gmx1200h. dont kno the difference. its still a vtone but if you look at the back theres also another output for left and right speaker. if u already tried the standard cab outputs try the other ones.

again dont kno the difference of my behringer head and urs.