I could definately see a muse influence there. I've never listened to radiohead though.

but I really liked this. great cooperation among instruments and some great melodies. beautiful piece. great switch from 3/4 to 5/4 too. I really can't find anything wrong with it except that I would have liked a more "epic" sounding solo to fit the song better. ya know, with some really awesome bends and vibratos, but the solo does sound good as is. and then the clean solo was awesome. and I think a fadeout at the end would have sounded better than how it sounds now.

awesome song
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Wow, this is great. The Muse influence really shows. Can't really hear the Radiohead influence, but then again, I'm no expert on their material.

I think it'd sound a bit better, and add a bit of contrast, if you cut the string part from bars 42-49. Also, plus one to making the solo a bit more epic. I hate to say I got a bit bored listening to it. I really liked the clean solo. I'm not sure whether it will work, but you could try add in a walking bassline or something from bars 121-128.
Awesome. I can totally hear the influences, without it sounding like you were just ripping them off or copying them.

I've never been a huge fan of constant time changes, it always seems gimmicky, and it rarely works, but in this songs case you did an excellent job, the whole thing has a great flow, and all the changes fit together really well.

I love the clean solo at the end as well.

Great job.
Fantastic. You pulled everything off well - the weird time signatures, the transitions, the solos. The one thing is that it does need vocals it doesn't work solely as an instrumental. Like someone else said, it would work better with a fade-out than how it ends now, and the solo could be more dramatic, but other than that, I loved it. The Muse influence is really apparent.
Wow, this was just... beautiful. Love the jazzy solo and the change to 5/4 during the solo. The key change also works very well. Good job. The guitar solo needs to be better though, nonetheless 9/10.

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you're a great song writer. that sums in up for me.

the muse influence, i can't think of the song it reminds me off. haha. darkshines, perhaps?

it got repetitive after a while, i.e., the long acoustic guitar and drum parts. but the solos, time changes and key changes were brilliant.
Great piece, I liked the piano break at 16,and the harmonized arpeggios that followed it. 34 to 75 was kind of repetitive. The solo started nicely, but I I didn't like the hammer on and pullofs part, you could of done a lot more with it instead of repeating it (ascending descending runs, or something). The clean jazzy solo was great. And last, I'll have to agree with everyone else about the ending. A fade-out would be better than how it is right now.

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