Hooray for *insert amount here* of portable storage. I have a PNY Optima Attache Pro 2G Flash drive, I use to take several games to school and play and Nintendo 64 on my Web Design and Computer Tech class when I got done with my work, now I barely use it. So UG, do you have a Flash Drive? What do you use it for? Come here for all flash drive discussions!
I remember how I was fascinated with the size when they first came out.

EDIT: lol
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Mine doesn't seem to work...
I got this one.


I basically bought it because the thingy slides out. Neato!
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I doubt people have fought holy wars and killed millions of people in the name of the Beatles, either. So, yeah, Jesus probably was bigger than them.
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i was hoping for child porn.
I have some orange no-name 2gig thing. I have Reaper on it do I can do "field recordings" around my house with my dad's laptop without messing with it.
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In b4 Pronz

lmao, my friend had a Gb worth of porn on one of his, we debuted it on the school laptops and everyone laughed his ass off, he hadn't used it in a year.
put music and porn on it and plug it in to a 360
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damn. can't you get your girlfrie...
Right now you're offending at least 75% of the Pit.

jackson warrior on the way in $400