Hey guys. Even though I've had a guitar since before I was 10, I just started taking lessons for it about 8 weeks ago. I'm practicing a lot of scales (which is mostly what I spend my time doing) but I'm having a problem, specifically with my left hand pinky.

I'm right handed to I fret the notes with my left hand. Whenever I do scales that require my pinky to do some stretching, whenever I pull my pinky back it does this sort of weird thing, kind of like when you crack your kneecap by rotating it. It's not painful, just really annoying and uncomfortable. I was wondering if anyone else here have had this problem before and what they did to fix it? Thanks ahead of time
Are you maybe trying to stretch your hand a bit further than you should right now?

Try starting scales higher up on the neck and gradually bringing them down the neck as you get more comfortable with the stretching.
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You have a defective finger. Contact the Almighty Complaints department and they'll send you a new one. Note: you may need to send the old one back for examination into quality control.

In all seriousness, it happens to some people. Try and work out what angles to avoid and just how it happens, then don't do that. If it gets painful at all, consult your GP ASAP.

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I had this for a while when i first started playing, it almost seems to like pop out of place or almost click but not make a sound? I think it was because i was either stretching too far or my pinky was really weak becaue in everday life i never actually really used it, but yeah it doesnt happen anymore i think your little finger will get stronger and more used to playing the guitar but don't go overstretching nd hurting ya self!
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