hey guys, i'm finally getting some new tubes for the blues deluxe, but i don't know which 5751 is best. i can chose from these two (perhaps others too, but i'm not counting on it, feel free to suggest other 5751's though, but not the JAN philips 5751's )

Groove Tubes GT-5751M
EH 5751

which ones would be best ?

for the power tubes, i think a set of JJ 6L6's seems best.

a different question now. first of all, are the GT 12ax7's in the blues deluxe stock decent or should i swap them out ?

which tube input(s) will affect my drive channel (in other words, how many 5751's should i get) ?

thanks a lot guys (quick responses are very appreciated, i need to know by tomorrow, and it's midnight here atm)

I'm not a big fan of groove tubes.

the EH would be good, so would the JJs
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