hey guys and gals, the guitar i have now is absolutely amazing, i love it, but it has drawbacks, like it only has 21 frets and it constantly goes out of tune (im getting that sorted out), and i like to do whammy bar stuff and its floating trem isnt up to it.

so i thought because ive recently got a job, i might be able to afford a nice new one. My price range is preferably under £1000 but i might be able to save about a hundred more if i find one thats perfect. i want a strat shaped guitar (loosely strat shaped, such as the RG's or ibanez S's, doesnt have to be exact strat) i want 2 humbuckers, a floyd rose of some sort, and im very biased towards dimarzios, sorry but ive tried out all other makes and i just love em the most (most of em), so if it has dimarzios on it then thats great, if not id like to have pickups i dont mind changing for the dimarzios in my other guitar. i play mainly satriani style stuff, with some blues and lots of heavy rock (Dream theater and alter bridge stuff).
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This should probably be in the electric guitar forum... but I'll try to help anyway. What you just said sounds exactly like an Ibanez RG to me... maybe an S series. Look into the prestige series and try them out. Some of them are neck through and I'm sure some come with dimarzios
Ibanez RG/S Prestige series seems like a good bet.

Either a higher end one, or get something like a RG1570 and swap out the P/Us etc (thats my plan, when i get round to it/have some money...)
have you tried a PRS SE Custom with the whammy bar?

I think it is a great guitar and it stays in tune fairly well. Add locking tuners and it'll stay in tune with any kind of whammy bar abuse.
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sounds good, ill check out the PRS.
I have had my eye on an Ibanez j custom, but i dont like the idea of spending so much money without trying it first..

EDIT: sorry if its the wrong forum, maybe i shoulda checked that...
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck norris

A lot
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