wow you have an amazing voice.
Too pop-ish for me,
but nonetheless, talent transcends genre
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Oh yeah, and if guitar hero got you into the guitar? you're really playing for the wrong reasons.

there is no wrong reason to play a guitar, except for world enslavement and extermination of certain races, but those guys never make it big anyway.
i suggest wearing headphones when you record your vids or anything, to prevent the echo effect.

but its a great cover, i love to play say it aint so on my acoustic time to time.
its great song and a good cover, your vocals were right on. and the playing was good, i have to say 5/5
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Me playing
Hey, wow thanks!
Thanks for the right words haha, I didn't know them so I just made them up. :P
"Talent transcends genre," what an amazing quote. Thanks for the compliment! I guess I am a little poppish, I try not to be though.
Sorry to take the jazzy feel out of it, I think its because I had to move it way out of its original key to suit my voice. Glad you liked it though!

Ardie- Just wondering what would the headphones do to stop reverb? I added reverb in the track on purpose, I like its presence.

Nick- Whats up! Leave it to Weezer? Okay :P
Falsetto is nice.

I like this song, and you did it very well. Kinda had a John Mayeresque twinge to it, which made it a little less appealing to me, but it still worked. Especially for this song.


Hey thanks man. Whats a dud for you is a compliment to me . Saying I sound Mayeresque is an amazing thing to say for me. Only problem with your crit, is I don't have a falsetto voice? lol I don't ever use it because I suck at it.

Ill crit yours later tonight or tommorrow
Hey man, that was a killer cover. It's about 20 times better than mine..think you could crit? its in my profile
Hey Bandt, I wrote on your profile what I thought about your song! Just letting you know here, so you don't think I jipped you off of a c4c

I also think it was very mayeresque, great playing, I sensed a little buzz in there from somewhere, but nothing major. Great voice and nice cover. C4C? you can check out any of the songs in my profile. Thanks and keep up the good work.
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That was awesome man your voice is great, I wish I could sing like that.....keep it up man theres really nothing I can find that you did wrong. Just because you don't play or sing it exactly the same doesnt take away from the song at all if anything it makes it better. After all creativity is what music is all about.

Crit mine?

To many times ive seen singers on youtube who have Completely destroyed a song with there voice, and attrocious playing!

Im sooooo glad youve changed that! It was Great stuff, i really enjoyed listening to it! wish i could sing like that
Dude thats one of my favorite weezer songs and you did great justice to it. It doesn't matter if its not sung exactly the same cuz you've got a great voice. Makes me wanna cover it now (although I can't ever sing that good haha.)
Rated it 5 stars btw :p

awesome man! I appreciate you taking the time to go find my thread and give me a great crit! your awesome!