hey good people of UG

i recently got my BC Rich warlock bronze 2 for my birthday and am loving it, but i currently have a problem with transporting it to ma guitar lesson and to ma mates house. i was wondering if there is any sort of guitar bag that somebody could recomend me to get that isnt the offcial BC Rich bag as i need a bag that has a handle as well as arm straps so that i can wear it like a normal backpack. as hopfully i will be on a music course in september and will need to transport it with ease. i thought about getting a bass bag as obviously the guitars shape is bigger and more different then normal guitar but im not sure.

thanks for your time
ya man grab a bass gig bag your warlock will fit no prb
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Coffin case makes a bass case "body bag"
It fits my warlock nice and looks great.
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