Does anyone have any good tabs for some simple blues or jazz stuff? Just some stuff I can hang out and play, and just jam along and add some of my own vocals with friends and stuff? It's fun, and I just want some more stuff. I usually just play a very basic blues riff, but does anyone have anything? Help would be appreciated.
Well, IMO, it's very hard to learn blues from tabs, because it's not so much about the note, but how you play them.

But if you want some good stuff to mess around with, check out Leave My Girl Alone by Buddy Guy and Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Make sure you listen to the actual song, as well.

As far as jazz, it's a little harder. You can play it, but it's hard to improvise it if you don't have an excellent grasp on theory. A good starting place for jazz is Take 5 by the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

Good luck.
alright, thanks for the suggestions. I'm quite confident I can take something and make it enjoyable. I don't have a huge grasp on theory, but I'm framiliar with take 5, so I'll try something with that.
do u know 12 bar blues? would be helpful, as you could just follow the 12 bar blues chord changes and you and your friends could improv solo in w/e key ur in...

here's a basic 12 bar blues progression:




the numbers are the chords in the key (the 1, 4, and 5 chords), and each number is it's own measure. U and ur friends could make riffs following the progression, and like I said before, solo over it. Could make for some fun jams...

to make it simple, you could just use the powerchords for the 1,4 and 5, or u could learn the dominant 7's...

edit: sorry about completely ignoring ur request for tab, lol
Don't worry about it. I do know some 12 bar blues, and that's probably what we will do. I'll usually just play somethin and someone we will trade off funny lyrics or something, just for ****s. Thanks alot man.