If you live alone; do you shut the door when you go to the bathroom?

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41 26%
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48 31%
Occasionally out of habit
68 43%
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This occurred to me recently when my parents when out for dinner and I was home by myself. When I went in to use the bathroom, I closed the door even though I know nobody else is in the house and nobody will be home for awhile.

So do most people do this? I figured everybody does, but I thought it might be interesting.

Wait for the poll.
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When I'm at home and nobody else is aye I still close and lock it. I tried to with it open once but I just couldn't
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When no-one is home I don't. Freedom, it feels good.
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This has, believe it or note, been done before.

But I shut the door even if I'm alone in the house.
I always shut the door. even if I know nobody else is home with me, its a psychological thing....I have to know its shut.
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I dont live alone but i still dont shut the door.
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When my flatmate was on holiday last year I used to strut around naked, poop with the door open and have sex with my girlfriend on the couch.
i have my own side of the house and i never shut the door lol
Yes and i have a hammer by the toliet

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When my flatmate was on holiday last year I used to strut around naked, poop with the door open and have sex with my girlfriend on the couch.

+1 to freedoms_stain... he's the man

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When no-one is home I don't. Freedom, it feels good.

This. Whenever I'm alone I keep the door open, no one is there to watch or care so why should I?
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I do, but only because I know they (my parents) could come back home while I'm in the shower.
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When I was living with my housemates I didn't bother after a while. I do at home and everything though.
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I don't live alone, but I don't shut the door. Unless of course someone's in viewing distance.
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I do when I'm home alone.
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my brother and i are roommates in a leased house, and the bathroom is kinda small, plus it has the water heater, washer and dryer, so things get claustrophobic. whenever he's gone, i do leave the door open so it feels less small.
When I'm alone, I don't close any doors, don't put on any clothes. Nothing's like freedom of the dong.
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Yes, I don't want the air OUTSIDE the bathroom watching me, bob sagg'it.
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nice discovery, sir.

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I shut it.

Confession #451:
I also have a really bad habbit to pee in the sink, not a joke.
I do it anywhere, I'm paranoid as f*ck. I think someone is going to come in and start pushing me over while pissing, and I'll start pissing everywhere and have to clean it up.. That'd be awful.

I close it and lock it every time.

If I'm in the wild though, I could care less, I'll piss on the campfire if I really have to.
i have a house full of people 90% of the time. when i am home alone i typically wouldnt, but might out of habit.

if its nice outside, i would prolly walk out in the yard and p*ss. especially after dark. i have a huge yard, so nobody would be close enough to see anyway...

but if i gotta sh*t then i prolly would shut the door anyways, just because someone could come home at any time and never know how long gonna be there.
Don't always close it when I pee anyways. Why bother?
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I leave it open when I pee and I'm alone. But not walk around naked.... It would get caught up on everything
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