A new blues song up on the profile.

Under the name "Lazy Smoker Blues"

I'm blowin harp on this one, and coughed in the middle, hence the name.

C4C, as always.
^Well, I really, really suck at harp, so I was unsure about how it would sound.

I actually recorded using the built in mic of my laptop. I had to set my laptop on my lap while playing to get the mic to pick up the sound.
I'll ignore the quality because I know we all aint rich and just do with what we got so

yeah the slide was good and felt very bluesy. The harmonica just came in weird places just maybe try to use it at the right moments. also try panning instruments to diffrent places and maybe add a vocal track in the center. With your style of music nothing to vocally heavy just feel the blues out and you'll get something good. I must admit really liked the feel keep doing what you love man.

Mind critiquing mine?
Smile alot today... okay?
Your slide playing isn't really bad, but some of the phrasing sounds like you were unsure of where you were trying to take the phrase. Your harmonica work would be better if you used it at more appropriate times instead of what seemed like playing the harmonica for the sake of playing harmonica. A song to listen to to understand what I mean about the harmonica is "Girl from the North Country" by Bob Dylan, if you listen to it all the way through, he only uses his harmonica about 2-3 times I think, but when he does it can make your hair stand up.
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Thanks for the crit!! You asked how I got my tone on the song you heard. Well, surprisingly I was plugged directly into my computer and used a package called Amplitube. It's a vst plugin that models guitar amps and sounds. It's pretty cool for some things, but not for others.

Wow man!! Thats some REAL blues!! You don't hear that often anymore. I liked it. The guitar playing was good. The slide is very hard play, and you did it pretty well. I was impressed. I didn't like the harmonica in this song, but I listened to the 1st song on your list and I liked the harmonica there alot better. So you do have some skills with it, just need to put it in better places I guess. I'm no one to talk about harmonica though, I've never even though about toying with one.

Good job, great BLUES!!!

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i like ya style brotha. i listened to this one as well as no tobacco blues and the blues solo. sounds great. i love the title "no tobacco blues". that **** cracks me up. nothing gets me down more than an empty pack of cigs.

check it: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=900124

Lulz, that's why I wrote that one. I'm out and I don't get paid till next friday