HOLY COW IF ONLY I HAD THE MONEY FOR THAT thata good buy if there all what the seller says they are
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I'm not sure what you're trying to acheive with this thread...other than possibly advertising?
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That's not Rhoads' stuff.
None of that stuff is old enough for Rhoads to have even touched.
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Quote by ESPplayer5150
how often you see a dead guitarists guitar collection on ebay not very often.

His REAL guitars are in the rock hall of fame place.
Quote by herman ri2
His REAL guitars are in the rock hall of fame place.

where ever they are i seriously doubt some guy on ebay would have them
Quote by ESPplayer5150
where ever they are i seriously doubt some guy on ebay would have them

"Certified funds only. I could not remove the Paypal choice, however due to paypal's fees on such an auction as well as item value in this case, PAYPAL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED as payment. Guitars will be released upon payment clearing. I will write up a legal bill of sale while awaiting funds to clear as well as abide by the contract form of the auction."

no their original except th XY
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Quote by soccerguy6494
id bid but i dont have 2500 dollars

2500 with reserve not met. It's gonna go for alot more than that once it gets going. I wouldnt be surprised if it sold for $6/7000, considering each guitar (except the ESP im not sure about, but im sure it wasnt cheap) were sold by the retailer for over $2000.

And he's not even advertising them to be Randy's REAL guitars, you'd think more people would pick up on that.
Was it polemically sent,
I Wanna know what you meant
I Wanna know,
I Wanna know what you meant
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You guys know these aren't listed as RR's actual guitars, right?

It's his signature models from various brands...

facepalm much?
He doesn't claim them to be Rhoads' actual guitars.
Also its not uncommon to not want to use paypal with large amount of money. I'm not saying its the smartest thing from a buyers stand point.