I have been playing guitar for almost a year and a half and am tired of playing on my crappy Squier. I do not have a job, so my price range is around $500 to $700. I want a guitar that will last. I play mainly hard rock, classic rock, metal, some blues, and I want a guitar that will be well-rounded enough to play all of these. It needs to sound great clean and with distortion. I would rather humbuckers than single-coils, as well as a thin playable neck, a strong bridge, and the more frets the better (although I can work with 22). I don't play live, just jam.

Please give me some suggestions.

Also, would an Epiphone Custom Les Paul (silverburst) or Ibanez S470dxqm fit my needs (why or why not)?

Plus, I also need amp suggestions. Maybe $300 to $400?

Please help me make an educated decision. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

you're exactly like me....

you want something tonally versatile that isn't restricted to a specific genre.

try ibanez or ESP

or Fender.(not squire)

keep in mind if u get a Fender, go for a higher-end one.... like an American strat or a whatever....

or MAYBE go for a les paul (standard)

hope thats not too much....
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The new Paul Reed Smith SE's are the best guitars I've played in that price range. Good setups, nice buckers, and extremely versitile. They play better than Fenders and Gibsons that cost twice as much. ESP's are also good at that range. Schecters are nice too. I also think the Eastwood 60's Airline re-issues sound great (they're chambered mahogany and sustain forever) and play well. For $400-700 you can get a really good sounding guitar, just make sure to try them first. They are all mass produced (most in the same factory in Korea) and you have to make sure you find one without setup issues.

As far as amps go I agree with those below, its hard to beat the Peavey Valveking. 50w, all tube, for $399. Has a cool feature called a texture control that allows you to dial in different output. They say it shifts the amp from class A (think Vox AC30) to class AB (most amps). I don't know about that but its a really nice feature to dial in more vintage sounds. It also has great high gain crunch. The Peavey 30 is also a nice amp that is more built for blues and hard rock. But put a pedal in front and it can do metal. Stay away from the Fender re-issues and the Marshall's... too much money and more cheapo parts than the Peavey's. I hate Crate's too.

UP to you but with up to $1100 to spend you could go with a $300 guitar and get a used Mesa with the rest. I've seen used Rectoverbs for $800. Those have a decent clean channel that pushes nicely and of course the great modern/vintage grind channel for high gain. The amp will make a bigger difference than the guitar but I could understand wanting to do the reverse. If that's where you're going get the Valve King.

My .02... good luck
go with an epiphone sg. most have humbuckers. usually only 22 frets but still a totally reliable guitar.

good amp would probably be a 30watt vox. or just for fun you could get a mini stack. :-)