Look what I found in my basement..

SOVTEK tubes for my dad's amp :

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Why is your computer on such an old box?

That's the monitor, n00b.

The reason my monitor is on a really old box is because the box is awesome!

... Also, I can't afford a proper computer desk...
dont use them, them might be vintage and worth $. or maybe im just an idiot.
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dont use them, them might be vintage and worth $. or maybe im just an idiot.

Or they could be the best sounding tubes the guy ever had, and worth nothing.
Or he could google prices o_o

those amps look awesome. **** it, i'm buying one on ebay. How awesome would it be to have an amp made in Russia. I run the risk of accidentally killing myself because of lack safety standards on wiring but i'd be awesome.
I don't care what year they're from, I really don't like sovteks.

If they were a nice set of 60's RCA 6l6's or Mullard EL34's, that would be something!
I have an RCA 12AX7 from the 40's or 50's, that's my coolest and oldest tube.
Call me Wes.
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@Dave: Go for it.
@TS: You should see what they can do.
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nice discovery, sir.

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sorry dude, GG&A. not the Pit.
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could 'crack' under tight pressure.
Sovteks aren't that hard to find really, I have a load of them lying around my house. They're nothing special either, only that they were made in the USSR, which is interesting if you're into Soviet stuff.
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sorry dude, GG&A. not the Pit.

Well.. I wasn't saying anything about using them or anything. They're tubes.. the only reason this is interesting is they're old sovtek tubes made in Soviet Russia. I don't see why posting in GG&A would be appropriate.

EDIT: Thanks for re-opening it.