So, I wrote the main riff last week, and decided to "try" and elaborate upon it.
This is what came of that.

The song sort of sound like Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Soil, and Tom Morello at different points. Hence, why I say it's weird.

So, critique away. Here are some things that might help in the process

-Overall sound
-Playing compared to other songs on my profile
-Rate of the mix in general (does the mix fit the song? good use of onboard effects? EQ'ing? volume levels?, etc...)
-steady flow? (repetitiveness, smooth transitions, parts go together, etc...)
-song setup/structure (I used intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus2/outro)
-Solo = terrible/bad/decent/good/excellent (on playing, style, mix with song, clarity)

Gear used: Ibanez GRG170DX-->RP80-->line-in-->Audacity
Drum tracks were made using Acoustica Beatcraft.

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K i'll use your critiqueing sheet:

-Overall sound:
Programmed drums sound good, good reverb setting on the snar. Guitar at the beginning seems to quiet, however.. and it stays too quiet with the drum crashes. Oh the lead part is a little better, but turn that **** up.

Quality of the song? It's sweet, but turn up the guitar parts!

-Playing compared to other songs:
I really don't know what to call this... you have a unique sound... excellent!

Since I can't think of what this sounds like, it's original.

-Rate of the mix:
This is getting redundant.

-steady flow?

-song setup?

-Solo = terrible/bad/decent/good/excellent (on playing, style, mix with song, clarity)
Excellent stuff. I'd choose good, cause excellent in my book is Yngwie. haha

So there you go.
-Overall sound
very original...the beginning seemed kind of odd until the drums came in. In general the same riff went all over the place tone and phrasing wise, which is cool. But at the same time maybe less is more. Take that however you will.
everything sounded good on its own. The drums sounded great, and I'm probably going to have to get that program to improve my own drum sound. Your tones and thier translation to computer were good, they sounded full and not too compressed like mp3's get sometimes.
-Playing compared to other songs
your songs? other peoples songs? I dunno...
very original, as stated above.
-Rate of the mix
the drums were WAAAAY up front, the guitars almost took a backseat to a sort of repetative beat. And I didn't really hear bass at all. Sooo, it was ok, could use some work.
-steady flow?
Pretty steady. Like I said, it went everywhere, but you didn't really wonder where the hell that riff came from, so it was good.
-song setup?
It didn't really seem like a structured song so much as a flow of ideas stemming from one riff and a couple beats.
-Solo = terrible/bad/decent/good/excellent (on playing, style, mix with song, clarity)
I dunno, it was pretty decent/good...I can't play that fast...I'm a rhythm kinda guy, so you're better than me, lol.

Thats it sir, thanks for the template, lol.

And thanks for the crit on Nightmare Nocturne, I appreciate it.
Thanks for the crits!

To ShizNick: I will remix it sometime, but the volume seemed fine on the computer I recorded it on Also, sorry for being redundant...I'll clarify the things

To irongolem85: I, too, was debating whether to cut down on the riffs or not. In the end I chose to just leave them the way they were because I got lazy and was pressed for time Beatcraft is pretty sweet, I'd suggest you get it considering it's less than $60USD I'll take the mixing advice to heart; I am new to the whole "mixing" thing, and tried some new stuff...but if/when I remix this, I'll be sure to use the advice you stated

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned my rape of the whammy pedal

I'm fixing the template, if you wish to use it.
I can only do a few at the time, I'll et back to it later man.

-Overall sound: Drums, as you may have hears are too loud at the beginning, but as more guitars come in with different effects, it is significantly louder. So I'm guessing you should turn up the output gain on the effect, if you record with it again.
-Playing compared to other songs
your songs?: considering that the song is significantly different compared to other ones on you profile, it' shard to compare

thanks for the crit btw.
-Overall sound
Good sounds like a good demo tape


Better than average I say your trying to learn more than the average joe which is really good.

-Playing compared to other songs on my profile
Alot better than that progressive song thingy which was just sloppy Very good progress.

Sounds pretty original but the song structure is pretty expected. I mean in no means is this cliche but's it's not breaking any boundaries it's just a good song.

-Rate of the mix in general (does the mix fit the song? good use of onboard effects? EQ'ing? volume levels?, etc...)
The volume levels were pretty tight I didn't really hear any bass so for just guitars and drums you did pretty good. There is one part where a phase guitar comes in that it's just too loud. That would be my only complain.

-steady flow? (repetitiveness, smooth transitions, parts go together, etc...)

Yeah the song definitely flowed together well sadd some vocals and it could be a very interesting song.

-song setup/structure (I used intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus2/outro)

A good rock song structure. more importantly the song flowed and didn't seem like random parts put together.

-Solo = terrible/bad/decent/good/excellent (on playing, style, mix with song, clarity)

the solo was well placed in the mix. The playing it's self was good and the solo seemed minimal which is admirable choice seeing as you could have just showed off.

Overall every good song and i'll like to see you develop it with a band.

Thanks so much for critting my stuff feel free to send anything by us for our opinion.
Smile alot today... okay?

Everything seemed pretty clearly recorded, the only thing i can bag on in this aspect is probably that you might want to make the guitars a little more prevalent in the mix

-Playing compared to other songs on my profile

Its really apparent that you put much more effort into this one than the others, also its easy to see how much youve progressed which is a good thing


Fairly original could hear some of your influences but not too many which in my opinion is PEFECT. Also everything sounded really fresh and new

-Rate of the mix in general (does the mix fit the song? good use of onboard effects? EQ'ing? volume levels?, etc...)

Again, the only issue here was your guitar volume in comparison to the drums.

-song setup/structure (I used intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus2/outro)

Im not a huge fan of that song structure because im more of a prog/death guitarist and find it to be a little boring unless you have vocals but this isnt really something to bag on, primarily because you were solo-ing throughout and because what you were playing was interesting.

-Solo = terrible/bad/decent/good/excellent (on playing, style, mix with song, clarity)

I liked the solo quite a bit and it was evident you put alot of effort into it
Turn the guitar in the intro up.
The solo is cool, but it's not really my style of soloing. Sorry.
As far as originality goes, I can hear your influences in it, but it sounds pretty original.

All in all, it's good, but it's not really my thing.

Crit this ****: http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=896599
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Wow, I'm gone a few hours and I get four more

Thanks for the crits, everyone!

The other guy in my blues/rock/garage band said he might want to try this out at practice if I can teach it to him! And I'd be playing lead guitar, not bass!

Okay, so things to do are to...
-fix volume issues
-clean up some parts
-write/add vocals

Thanks again, everybody!