a friend of mine is really irritating the **** out of me right now. i lent him 30 dollars in the beginning of june and he's only paid me back 10 of it. he always seems to make excuses as to why he doesn't have the money. i mean, it's almost july, it's been almost an entire month and he can't even pay me this back? before this, i let him borrow my pipe and i didn't get that back for 3 weeks because he left it in a friends car and couldn't track it down.

i'm just so irritated with him right now. i'm just so sick of the excuses and i just want my ****ing money back. i really don't plan on ever letting him borrow any more of my things whether they're actual possessions or money, but yeah, i thought i would just vent this all out.

if any of you are in a similar boat, share your experiences or whatever you'd like on this topic.
my friend is flipping out over me cuz i just accidently broke my mic while we were playing halo 3, then he said if i didn't fix it right away he wasn't gonna play with me, so i just turned my xbox off, he's such a sore loser and a little baby, add him and play with him if you want, piss him off it'll be funny
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Don't lend people stuff that you don't entirely trust? My friend owes me $70 when he eventually gets a job... I trust him too get it for me (+ I am slightly *cough* bigger than him so I could just beat him til I think $70 worth of hurting is into him)

yeah a bunch of people owe me money and arnt paying. i hate asking people for money
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Don't lend people stuff that you don't entirely trust?

well, i don't trust him entirely anymore. the whole reason i gave him the money in the first place was because he told me he could pay me back the next day, which obviously didn't happen.
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I may have a couple of friends who are a few wrong moves away from meeting some of my less-reputable friends.
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Any way, yeah my friend has owed me money since janurary.... join the club.
Too many people owe me money. including my parents
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Nice. now I'll be suing you.
I actually don't lend my friends money. I just tend to give them the money. One of my friends just paid me back even tho I didn't really want them to.
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to the guy starting the thread

i would personally take something of his thats equal to the same ammount that he owes you that you KNOW he likes

and say that you wont give it back untill hes paid you the rest of the money...or you will sell it
i got my best friend pissed at me because i had a thing for his sister... does that count?
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i feel as though i've contributed a considerable amount more than some of my friends in our drug purchases

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i feel as though i've contributed a considerable amount more than some of my friends in our drug purchases

Me too....

But my friend has decided his girlfriend is more important then his friends. That would be fine and all, but the chick is a hardcore Catholic (no offense to any of you) and thinks anything past kissing is not right until marriage. So its not like hes blowing us off to get any.

Up side is, one of his friends (who is a chick) asked him why he blows us off and he got pissed and her and wont talk to her. So she comes to me to cry. I'm such a good person.
my friend joel, is currently obsessed with megadeth...no problem yet....
when i say obsessed tho, i mean its this guys wank music, seriously!

2 weeks ago, i recommended him some megadeth, and he flat out abused me for listening to megadeth!!! he says 'i DONT LIKE MEGADETH, I LIKE METALLICA!!!' and continues to abuse me!!!

now, all of a sudden hes inviting me to the megadeth concert!! like, ive been orgainsed 2 go 2 megadeth for months, hes now tellin me that i should go!!

2 weeks ago he hated them, now he wont ****in shut up about them!!!!

on recall this argument has been poorly told, but still, this guy is giving me the ****s!!!!!

i may just ditch him in the pit
Fuck yes.

Some skinny little Indian guy just knocked over a whole plate of garlic knots on my basement floor.
Eh I don't have any friends at the moment really, but when I did yeah they pissed me off.

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