Well, i just discovered this lyrical part of the forums, so i digged up some old texts.. This one is.. Well, more like a big, simple rhyme. And some of you might not like the subject xD But ehh.. Screw you. Read'n' feedback, please!

A friend of iraq who fled not long ago, told me stories from his homeland. Which inspired me.


Marching town through war and coil
Cover innocents in soil
Leave the children crying and curled
Let your precious flag be unfurled
The stars and stripes that we all know
Deploy soldiers and let blood flow

Empty words are changing owners
Solid promise, lower rent for loaners
Blood is flowing with great pace
We need oil to replace

Bloody hands holds our lands
Smiling president at his ranch
Boiling hands and greedy eyes
We must cover more supplies

Planes are flying through the air
Looking down at piles of hair
Bloody warfare, children crying
Saw both mother and father dying
Justice is a tool for lying

Robots walking without nerve
Live to die and die to serve
Bloody troops are changing leaders
Supply papers with more readers

People living beside their fears
Still we just see Britney Spears
Surrounded by “justice” now
Slaughtered like a well-fed cow

Kids are running, beating faggots
Far away, they’re eating maggots
Steal a car, and steal from stores
Let them choke on poison’s spores

Bodies burning in the Mideast
Celebrate it with a big feast
Throw around your checks and dollars
Choke us all, with your collars

We will see what you want
Opposite direction of the front
Smile friendly, lower taxes
While you’re sharpening your axes

Blood are running from their eyes
Everything they look at, dies
God is here, here with you
Justifying all you do

Streets are echoing with weeping
Buildings crash on people sleeping
Hide the world from all the others
Hide the children and their mothers
Blood is answer to your prayers
Juicy red, thick in layers

Time to put down your check book
Think about the last hand you shook
Let the papers stay on their shelves
Help the world, then yourselves.