I always play my bass guitar with all the knobs on default and my amp is always set to default so that I can get a true sound. My bass is an alright beginners base(Ibanez GSR200) and usually everything sounds OK but around the second octave on my D and G strings I get a bit of buzzing. I know it isn't my fretting technique that's to blame because I put my finger close to the fret to get the best tone. My tone is alright but I would like to have better tone. I find that by turning top and bottom knobs on my bass guitar all the way down I get this clear tone that I can best describe as sounding sort of guitar-ish and jazzy, this tone I get also works good for playing chords because it makes them sound crystal clear, whereas with the regular unmodified tone it would buzz a little bit which is obviously undesirable. Whenever I play with this better tone I feel guilty that I am messing with my tone setting and not playing naturally as the tone made covered up any flaws in my technique even though I sound pretty decent with regular settings. What I would like is to know my fellow bass players' opinion on this.

Thanks in advance.
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tone knobs-all the cool kids are users.

are you uncool?
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When i got my bass, i messed around with the nobs on the amp and bass while playing open strings. I found a tone that i liked and that worked for me, and i think thats something everyone should do. I still like to mess around with the tone i always find little improvements.
Yes, you should feel guilty...

Haha but seriously, finding that tone/sound you enjoy is what music is all about dude.
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Play away.

I have the same model lying around somewhere, and I have the same problem on some of the higher frets.

It isn't technique (probably), more likely either the action being too low or fret-wear.

I'd take it into your local store to be sure.
Are you kidding? Go forth and fiddle with those knobs! I adjust my knobs on the fly in the middle of songs. Very, very very rarely will I just have everything maxed on my p-bass, or everything maxed or one pup solod on my jazz.

I'm stereotyping, but a hell of a lot of beginning musicians on guitar and bass need to learn that the tone knob--and even the volume can be turned to a position other than max ( I will admit I usually leave my p-bass volume wide open for a little extra clarity). That's why I'm glad a lot of beginners on guitar are now getting 5w amps with nothing but volume. That's a great way to actually use the knobs on your guitar. I wish there was some comparable way to get new players to pay attention to bass tone.

edit* actually in my experience it's not just beginners, but also too many decent players
I use both the EQ on my amp and an extra EQ pedal simulatineously(i have a bass with onboard 3 band EQ as well). that way i can get ANY tone i want, altho it gets bit fiddlly at times but the versatility and the sheer amount of tonal options are worth it! so try tweaking.
i used to do the same thing and use the same amp settings and occasionally change something on my bass. Since i got my Jazz deluxe i'm always playing with knobs and fixing my sound. It's apart of playing, find the sound you like and what sounds pleasing to your ear, plus its kinda fun finding new tones to play with
I change my tone all the time, sometimes what I am playing with at the time leaves me feeling empty, so away it goes!