How the hell do any of you do long kongs (cat jumps)?!?

I can kong over the width of any table, and I can kong the length of a table if it's about 6 feet or so, with some leeway (sp?).

But I can't for the life of me kong over the regular length benches that are like 7.5 to 8 feet long....

Those of you that can, how did you work up to those? Any particular exercise?
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me and my friends were messing around with free running...Of course I was the one to get wounded....but anyways, my one friend jsut said to get really good you gotta get really good leg strength, he jogs A LOT and he also plays football, and he can jump almost everything, hope all goes well for you

EDIT: I'm willing to bet my bass and amp someone will say "FAP!"
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what youre doing now.
do longer widths every week.
You'll get there, eventually.
Try steroids , if that sounds better

What Lasyk said. Jogging alot and leg strenghth.

/Most useless information evr
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The stuff freerunners can do is nuts. I'd do it but I'm not in the right physique.

Also, I have absolutely no advice.
How did you learn how to do a kong? That is like the only thing I want to learn as far as freerunning goes. Well, other stuff would be cool too, but I think kongs over platforms and tables are really awesome.
^ You basically just have to "let go" in your mind and be able to throw yourself horizontally over the table, that's the biggest mind**** about the maneuvre.

Technically, it's not a hard move, but if you let yourself get psyched out about it it'll never happen.

At first it's just trial and error, trial and error. Focus on jumping higher and higher, bring your body more horizontal and more horizontal. Sometimes I go ridiculous and let my feet go above the level of my head, just to get the feel of the high jump
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So basically what you want to do is jump so that if you did nothing, you would land as if you were laying down on your back on the obstacle, then put your hands down to catch yourself and push yourself the rest of the way across?
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What Lasyk said. Jogging alot and leg strenghth.

/Most useless information evr
SOrry I could not help

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Thanks for the link, that's definitely giving me a better understanding than how I thought it was done. And sorry I couldn't actually give you any help.
So, can anyone here dash vault?

Any particular tips? lol
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I never could kong, dash nor cat jump particularly well.

People used to tell me the best way to learn to dash is to sort of modify a lazy vault slowly. Start of doing a lazy and then modify how you approach it bit by bit until eventually your basically dashing.

That's what I was told any way after that the winter came and I never got back into it.

That was 3 years ago

Edit: its interesting to see that urban freeflow are now naming themselves as the official parkour global network
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^ Well, their shirts are cool as **** I know that

I like the professionalism of American Parkour more
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