Well, here is another, my first and last
So, i got a ESP Horizon lately, and i have no real amp, just a USB interface. I want to buy a real amp, and i'm asking you for tips. Short and simple, here is my specs.

Pickups: Seymour Duncan JB (Bridge) / Seymour Duncan '59 (Neck)
Playstyle: Petrucci, Satriani, Vai -kind of lead. A nice heavy rythmsound is also appreciated.
Budget: ~~1100$/750€
Accepting second hand: Yes
It's going to be played mostly at home.
Dunno if a head/cab or combo would suit me best, you tell me.

Gear: ESP Horizon
Definently look into some tube amps for your price range, and i would reccomend something along the lines of a Mesa Boogie road king or lone star. Thats what petrucci uses, and Satch uses Peavey's while Vai uses Carvin amps. Satch's and Vai's amps are customs though, so i don't know how that would work out.


Try an ENGL Screamer 50, pretty versatile.

Maybe be a little more specific on heavy rhythm sound.
If you can find a used one of these or save another $500, this might be a great option for you.

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Pretty sure Satch uses Conford amps, I've seen pictures with him using them.
They might be outdated and maybe he uses his Peavey now. But i would never downgrade from a Cornford to a Peavey.
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I'm gonna say ENGL because you're in Europe and Mesa's are really expensive there. But if you find a good Mesa at a good price, you'll want to look into it.
Indeed they are expensive, and pretty rare to find em second hand
Keep em coming, thanks for the tips.
Gear: ESP Horizon
Mesas are basically a no for you, way too overpriced over here.

Now, i'd say for you, an ENGL of some sort would be perfect. See how much shipping is from Thomann and try and land yourself a Screamer 50 combo, as I remember it I loved it when I played it, searing lead tones, nice cleans, even nice low gain with tonnes of versatility, check the youtube demos.
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