no i didn't find some pot of gold or anything like that, i've been graced by something far greater. so my crazy uncle during the course of his day a couple weeks ago came across a guitar case in a dumpster (not sure why or what he was doing dumpster diving) but anyway in said case there was a disassembled guitar of the Ibanez variety. seeing as how my uncle doesn't play guitar he gave it to me. i told one of my friends about it and after a little research it turned out to be an 87' RG 560 made at the Fugijen factory in Japan. Guitar is completely stripped and a total project guitar but me and my buddy will restore it to it's former glory. any other pit dwellers ever find a little treasure like this or have something seemingly worthless given to them only to find out it's something badass?
I found a reliced baritone sax in the storage room of the band room at my school. It belonged to the school and was pretty busted up, but it was still pretty cool.
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a bass, no idea what type in my garage

missing a tuning peg and had no pups but still was cool

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for one does not simply walk in to a spinning propeller

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i found a home made gibson in a dumpster

it dosen't work and never will haha

looks like crap too

No, I've never found anything like that. My luck consists of the person walking behind me down the street finding money on the ground...
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My grandma got me an Ibanez Gio,
it sucks balls...

Wait...this post isnt pleasent at all!
I found an Ibanez SB70 at a flea market for $75. Bit busted up, but they were quality back in the day...
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