yea but Isn't their a metallica thread in the metal forum?? or something?
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do they really fit as a modern rock band?

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Man, this is what sucks, IMO.

Metallica fit into both groups, because their earlier material was more metal but by '91, they'd become a "rock" band. The fans who like metal could discuss metallica in their own group if they wanted to, and rock fans could discuss Metallica because they are a rock band. Also, another reason being is that I know a lot of people get insulted and flamed on their first visit to Metal- I'm there a lot and I see it. Many people come and see "Metal" and Metallica is metal so they come in and make a new Metallica thread, or about LoG, they get flamed and they get turned off by Metal Forum's all too often elitist attitude. So having a Metallica chat here, I think, would make the Forum a little bit safer place for everyone!

but whatever it's not gonna happen, and I'm baked..
Im gonna' say Metallica fit more in the Metal section just for the fact that they have "Metal" in their name.