Well, Pit, it has been some time since my dog passed away and my family and I are ready for a new one, not to replace him, but to honor him in a sence. We contacted a pet adoption agency that brings pets from all over the country to where you live so you can adopt them. We are adopting a female Lab/Shepard Mix named Shadow, and we should be able to take her home Sunday. I was curious, has anyone here adopted a pet, and if so, what behavior should I expect the first few days?
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They could be a little mistrustful or timid because of the new enviroment, but if you show her love, she'll know you guys are good and will trust you.
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Don't expect anything bad. Nothing bad has to even happen.

I wish you the best of luck with Shadow, and respect greatly your attitude towards adoption.
Congrats on adopting. I've currently got a rescued Bullmastiff/Pit Bull mix named Boo Boo who the breeder tried to make a fighting dog in the past, yet is the most loving dog I've ever known.

You'll find it a very rewarding experience.