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Anyway, an old bandmate that we kicked out left his amp at my place. It was a broken Crate GFX30 if it matters. After we kicked him out (April 8th), he asked if he could have it back, but he never came to pick it up. He has a car, and I don't so I don't know why he expected I would bring it to him, but I made it clear that he would have to pick it up. He emailed me again asking if he could pick it up and never came. 40 days after he first asked for it back, I told him he had a week or so before I got the amp fixed myself and started using it. He told me he'd be out of town for 2 weeks but could pick it up after June 1st. I didn't hear back from him again and got it fixed on June 6th and tried to sell it. As of today, it's been at my place for 80 days, and the 30 day period after I told him I would get it fixed was the 17th, though I didn't give him 30 days, I gave him about a week. He still didn't get back to me for another 40 days though. I did jump the gun by about 11 days on getting it fixed, but that's moot because he never got back to me or came to pick it up.

Now my understanding is that generally (and even in Wisconsin, where we're living) the law is that property is considered abandoned after 30 days. He's at 80 days, and 40 after I told him I'd get the thing fixed if he didn't come get it. I told him he could have it back if he repays me the cost of the repair fee (38$), and he got pissed. I don't even care about the amp, I just don't want to be out of that money. Now I can't find that particular law in writing for the state of Wisconsin. I really don't want the amp, but I don't want to be out of the repair fee either. As far as I'm concerned the amp was mine of 10 days ago if I'm being nice, 50 days ago I want to be a jerk. But there's all sorts of implied consent issues and I never sent him a formal letter requesting him to pick up his stuff, just some casual emails. So if anyone knows what the law specifically is, or can point me to where I can find it in writing, that would help me out a lot. Thanks.
take it to one of those court room tv shows.

But just tell him that he's not going to get his amp back unless he gives you the money you spent to repair it.
Ha ha. Yeah, I told him he can take me to small claims court over it. It'll cost him more than it would to get the amp back.
Judge Judy FTW!!!!

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you told him... thats that. If he won't even bother to come to your house to get it then he's not going to bother going to court over it.
Its called the rule of TS. Your not being unreasonable. And yes he was expecting you to bring it to him or let him slide forever. Its the way alot of people are. And now thats its fixed he really wants it back, but he will still give excuses why he cant come get it hoping you will deliver. There will be mutual friends pissed off about the whole thing no matter what you do. So since you cant make everybody happy all the time at least you can be happy and have another amp.