K tell me if this is a good deal. Found an Gibson LES Paul Studio red without finish pretty sure it's part maple but I could be wrong, pretty light, amazing sound, for 700 dollars. I asked why it was so cheap and basically the guy selling it was giving up the guitar and wanted to play the banjo instead. But anyway I played it for like 20 minutes and it was amazing. I would link pics but I didn't have a camera with me so I found a pic on google that's pretty much it...http://es.woodbrass.com/images/woodbrass/LPSTWCCH1.JPG
Thats a really good deal, my friends got the same guitar (Gold hardware instead of chrome) and they usually go for around $1200.
I believe they go for 899.99 Retail So Yes its a good Deal.. I'd go for it.. Epiphone Custom would probably be on Par (If Not The Gibson Better) with it... and is about 600-700 so.. yeah I'd go for it
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I want to get it lol but I only have 400 and my dad won't pay the extra 300 and he won't let me borrow money from anyone. Sucks big time.