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I work at this place called Pie-Tanza. Some pizza place, but I can't figure out what the name is supposed to mean!
I've had Alzheimer's Disease for as long as I can remember.

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Pleasure2kill, you are a genius!
I work at a movie theater.

nothing all...
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
I work at mcdonalds, I haven't for very long, but the jobs hella boring, but it's easy, and easy money's awesome. There's also no resting outside of breaks, you have to keep busy:/
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Marble Slab Icecream shop.

i actually almost worked for cold stone creamery (exact same concept), but heard that the pay sucked and the managers were assholes. so instead i wound up working retail. yipee!
I worked at Staples for three weeks then quit. After that, I began working at this silk screen factory (very cool job) but quit after six months in celebration of graduating high school. After that I began working for my family business delivering oil... then I became a paid worker on leave so to say...after that, I found a job at this gas station and worked for four days. Now I'm unemployed again. I'll get a job the second before starvation, I guess... nah, I'm trying to launch a business instead, a silk screening business. Ebay woks wonders.
The times they are a changin'.....
KFC i work out the back as a cook, so i basically just put the bread mixture on the chicken and put it in the deep fryers
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my teacher always insults his wife.we were doing an experiment and the motor broke.he suggested he ring his wife for her to fetch one of her vibrators.i suggeted she has them cos he can't deliver the goods.he said he deliverd them in my mum
I work at Taco Bell. I don't get breaks.


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell that.
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I generally try to avoid being that guy, but I'm not going to lie to you, it's possible that I shit in a friend's dresser once.

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Coke tastes like a can of smashed assholes, so yes there is a difference.

I am USUALLY the nicest one here.
I work for a company called Show Support. Basically they set/pack-up events (mainly corporate, like charity dinners, conferences and electrical showcases).

I just basically follow orders packing up the various lights and scaffolding, then loading all the roadcases into trucks.

I get $20 an hour between 8am and 8pm and $25 an hour between 8pm and 8am, plus they message me with work and I choose if I can make it or not.

It's a sweet job except for the the occasional bruise from a stray roadcase or something.
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You are EXTREMELY WRONG! I have played it. I own an 18W and it would be an awful stereo amp, it's way too bright, breaks up too easily and so on. Secondly, why would a guitar store sell an hifi amp.
sounds like alot of you guys are all in similar situations.
hey lets not let this thread die.


I feel like i almost made something of myself.

yeah yeah, walmart...Im still in training...but I can see myself getting very bored with it...
I dont think i'll get's hella easy. But, I know i'll quit one day because there are so many idiots and assholes both working with me and buying things.

Hah, i get the fun job. Selling T.V's (and HDTV), ipods, xbox 360's, ps3's, cds, etc.
Not badddd.
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i will use my lvl 90 Golduck against the evil 4chans, they will not stand a chance

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My penis is quite literally trembling in fear.

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