I know this is going to sound absolutely retarded, but is the plastic on the truss rod cover supposed to come off? I picked up my guitar and there's some plastic on the pick guard and tross rod cover. So is it alright to take off or is it there for protective purposes? Thanks.
Clear thin plastic stuff? Should be fine to come off.
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Yes, very thin. It looks like its supposed to come off but I don't want to incase it's for a protective purpose.
if its what i think it is, it is just there for showroom purposes to keep it clean, and nice looking, so somebody will buy it. its perfectly fine to take it off or you can leave it on untill it annoys you, cause it will eventually start peeling itself off.
Ahh ok, thank you very much Quiet Man. I've never really noticed it before but I did today and it just kind of made me think.
Yeah its your opinion to take it off or not, I usually leave mine till it bugs me or starts to rip or peal up alot, it kinda like that new car smell.... just never want it to leave.. lol but yeah it wont hurt anything to take it off