I was wondering what effects different styles of pickups have on basses regarding tone. I don't know a thing about pickups other then what types there are so I was wondering what the difference is between single coils, humbuckers, and split pickups, etc are. Any help would be appreciated
split coils(P) give a punchier, fuller tone, and can be a bit growly
single coils(J) give a high mid range tone, with some brithg
and humbuckers(M) are kind of trebly but growly

i am not the best describing this but i hoe it helps you
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Single coils (jazz style pups) are your standard single coils. They generally give the most 'pure' tone, and can excel in any situation.

Split coils (Precision style pups) tend to have a lot more punch, but do this at the expense of some treble (they still have plently, but compared to a single coil, they are more rounded).

Humbuckers have an incredibly distinctive sound. Emphasised midrange gives them a very strong 'honk' to the tone. Some like it, others don't.

You really need to try them all out. Remember that other types of pickup do exist, so this list is not a be all and end all.
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