Is there a big difference between the epiphone les paul custom and the epiphone les paul standard?
at my local store, the custom is around 560US while the standard is around 425US. im trying to buy one of these two guitars but i dont know if it is worth paying 150US more just to buy a guitar that looks the same. is it worth it? can you please name some major differences between the who guitars?
there isn't really a difference in hardware, the custom just looks way sexier and has better cosmetic features. The standard would be sufficient, but if you have the money and like the look of the custom better, then by all means get the custom
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Well which do you like better? Alot of Custom's have gold hardware and different knobs ext. cosmetic differences. Play both, if they both sound good and play good, then are the cosmetics worth 150$? Before you do anything read these UG reviews;

Standard Review:

Custom Review:

I would recommend the reviews no matter what guitar your buying, from Squire to Gibson I would read the reviews before I purchased anything.

With Gibson's the Custom Pauls are worth more as they age than the Standards, however I don't know if this applies to the Epiphones...

If your just the average player, I would go for the Standard, unless you have the extra dough, if so then I say get the Custom because not many people have a Epi Custom Paul (atleast in my neighborhood) so it would be cool to have something different than everyone else.

Good Luck!
id just get whichever one makes the color you want

the guitars themselves arent much different
I've had both. Like all the good people say; get whichever one looks better to you. They both play the same.

That said: I sold the custom and still play my Standard Plus Top every day.