My covers are done using the UX2 Line 6 Toneport, Steinberg Cubase SX 3.11, and EZ Drummer with the DKFH addon. I currently don't have every single song I have recorded on my profile. I also have a metal symphony I wrote that will be posted soon. Comment on the songs please. Hope you enjoy.

My Equipment:

-KE3 Kelly Jackson
-Hyburn Stratocaster
-Marshall G80RCD
-Marshall AVT series 4x12" extension cab.
-Digitech Death Metal Distortion Pedal

very good quality, I like the production, good guitar playing 2, although I'm not familliar with the band

please return my critique:-)
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Wow, you've got the triplet picking down pretty well. That still plagues me sometimes. Quite a fun song to play, especially the verse solo. The mix was a little off with the rhythm guitars during the main solo, but all around, awesome job dude! Burning Times sounded great too.
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My Rig
ESP Viper 1000
Crate RFX120

I like the Ten Thousand Strong cover, you have a kick ass heavy tone on that one. You should swing some older Iced Earth tunes though, the stuff Schaffer wrote with Barlow is way better. Creator Failure is very entertaining to listen to and play, as is Disciples of the Lie. If you want to go further back, Travel In Stygian is a good one to rip along to.
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